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Forex Position Size Calculator

To employ the position size calculator, input the currency pair you’re trading, your account size, and the desired percentage of your account to risk. Our position sizing calculator will recommend position sizes based on the details you provide.

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A Forex position size calculator is a valuable tool for traders in the foreign exchange (Forex) market. It helps traders determine the appropriate size of their positions based on their risk tolerance, the size of their trading account, and the distance between their entry and stop-loss levels. Proper position sizing is crucial for risk management in trading. Here’s how you can use a Forex position size calculator:

  1. Risk Tolerance: First, you need to decide how much of your trading capital you are willing to risk on a single trade. This is typically expressed as a percentage of your account balance. For example, you might decide to risk 2% of your account on a single trade.

  2. Stop-Loss Level: Determine the price level at which you will exit the trade if it goes against you. This is your stop-loss level. It’s usually based on technical analysis or your trading strategy.

  3. Entry Price: Decide on the price at which you plan to enter the trade.

  4. Account Balance: Enter the current balance of your trading account.

  5. Currency Pair: Select the currency pair you intend to trade.

  6. Calculator Input: Enter these values into the position size calculator, which can be a dedicated tool, an Excel spreadsheet, or a trading platform feature. The calculator will then determine the position size for you.

The formula to calculate position size is as follows:

Position Size = (Account Balance * Risk Percentage) / (Entry Price – Stop-Loss Price)

Here’s a simplified example:

  • Account Balance: $10,000
  • Risk Percentage: 2%
  • Entry Price: 1.1500
  • Stop-Loss Price: 1.1400

Position Size = ($10,000 * 0.02) / (1.1500 – 1.1400) = $200 / 0.01 = 20,000 units of the currency pair (usually expressed in micro lots).


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