The Best Forex Day Trading Strategy: Very Profitable!

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What Will You Learn?

  1. A very profitable trading strategy using ICT Concepts
  2. Trade Frequency up to 3 times per week.
  3. Day Trading 1-5 Hours In Duration.
  4. Learn to make 40-50pips per trade.
  5. A very profitable forex trading strategy that uses 1W & 1D OB or FVG as reference points to frame setups in the LTF 1H or 15-mins charts for Entry.
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Key Topics Covered:

  • Identifying high-probability trading opportunities for day trading
  • Crafting a robust forex day trading strategy tailored to your risk appetite and trading style
  • Leveraging advanced trading concepts for precise market entries and exits
  • Risk management strategies to protect your capital and maximize profitability
  • Real-life case studies and practical examples illustrating successful forex day trading scenarios
  • ICT concepts in line with the strategy taught here


Trader Profile:  Personality Impatient – Finds  Time In Short-Term Day trading Risk.

Optimal Model: Day Trading 1-5 Hours In Duration.

Time Available: Open To Market Conditions

Trade Objectives: 40-50 pips on average.

Trade Frequency:  3 times per week.

Trading Days Of Focus: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


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